Friday, 6 February 2009


This year I'm going to post all the CDs I buy on the blog.
This could get to be quite a large project.

3rd January 2009

The Eagles - The Complete Greatest Hits.

All the Eagles best tracks from the entire back catalogue.
Includes tracks from the last studio album, Long Road Out Of Eden.
Overall a great album, even better as its a double.

3rd January 2009

The second album of a 2 for £10 from HMV.

Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life

Heard a couple of tracks "Mr Rock & Roll" & "This Is The Life" on the radio and quite liked them.
Thought I'd risk it for a fiver.
Some tracks not to my taste, but I do like her voice.

2nd February 2009

A self titled album by a group called the "Fleet Foxes"

I'd not heard of them, until I bumped into a friend in HMV buying a copy.
We both have a similar taste in music, so I looked them up on youtube.
Liked what I heard so the following week, picked a copy up myself.

Not bad for a fiver. (I don't just buy £5 cd's :) )

Oh and the cover photograph, there is a very similar painting in the waiting room at my dentist

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Yet More Snow

Thursday Morning 7am
It just started snowing as I set off for work. (35 mles)
Main roads were not too bad, though got worse behind me. Snowed till dinner time in Lincoln.
By home time the main roads were all clear again :) though side roads looked real bad.
Good job its Friday tomorrow.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Snow Snow

Snowed on Sunday afternoon and night. Didn't get as much round here as they had in some parts of the country. Certainly nothing like London's covering.
Roads were clear going to work (Lincoln). Had some during the day, but had turned more sleet tonight and again roads were mostly clear.
Hope its the same in the morning.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

No Snow (Yet)

Its currently quite bright outside, though its tried to snow a couple of times this morning.
The weather forcast is for a lot of snow today and into next week.

Yesterday, was a lovely afternoon.
Took a few shots of the gardens near the local council offices on the way into town. Be interesting to compare them in a couple of months once the flowers start to bloom and the trees come into leaf.