Saturday, 23 May 2009

CD Bargin

Picked up a real bargin in HMV this afternoon.
Box set of 5 Simon & Garfunkel CDs + A DVD concert in Central Park (The New York one, not Scunthorpes). For the bargin price of £10.00
Even better I had a £10.00 Voucher from Barclaycard.
Its all the great stuff they did in the 60s.
May take a while to getting round to listening to all of it

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Long Weekend

Its a bank holiday weekend :). Im having Friday off as well
4 day weekend starts here.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Windows 7 V

After a painless installation, Windows 7 is up and running. A beta of Kaspersky antivirus has been installed.
Only real snag was finding where the network setup was hidden to set the IP address manually, instead of using DHCP.
This post is being typed on the laptop and sent over the wireless network so everything is working so far.
The desktop and menus are quite different,but initial impressions I like it. Seems fairly quick but its on a dual core processor so it should be. 1 Meg Ram.
Right back to exploring and installing some software.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Windows 7 IV

Windows 7 installed on the laptop.
If I can get the wireless network to connect tonight I'll be happy.
It looks good good, and seems to be working all ok. Just setting up the AV & firewall first.

Star Trek

Saw the new Star Trek film on sunday.
Not been to the cinema for ages. Really enjoyed it. This on goes back to the time the crew or the original series were just starting out. All the original characters are there, just new actors, well with one exception.
Worth going to see.

Windows 7 III

Currently installing Windows 7 RC on the laptop
Initially going to try the 32bit version. That way should minimise any driver problems. and software compatibility as well.

If all works after a few weeks might just try the 64bit before going back to the XP system.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Fiddle Fest

Thats it for another year, but it was another good day, with some amazing music.
Had been really looking forward to seeing Uiscedwr & Karen Tweed play together, however it had been a short term guest spot and had come to an end.

Uiscedwr back to a 3 piece group.

(Uiscedwr .. pronounced ish ka door .. )
See the sleeve of the new CD for an interesting way of explaining the pronounciation.

They were still great to see perform live though. 2 Cds and 1 signed

Lunasa. A 5 piece band from Ireland. Fabulous performance. A great end to the afternoon set.