Friday, 13 February 2009

Weekend At Last

At last its Friday night.
That means :
1 - A few pints of real ale tonight.
2- No getting up early in the morning and having to defrost the car

After another cold and snowy week roll on the spring.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Yet More Snow

Just looked out the window, and yes you've guessed it. Its SNOWING again.
Bet its going to be white over again in the morning :-(
Animals have the best idea, hibernation over the winter.
Only trouble with that is you miss Christmas.
Still, I'm nice and warm inside, working on the computer.
Current outside temperature 0.9°C Inside temperature 24.4°C

These photos were taken hand held through the window.
The camera was set to ISO 3200 and flash turned off.

This is the view out the back window

This is the view out the front window

I've a pint of Summer Lightning on the desk beside me. (Thats a bottle conditioned bitter)
Anyway, I'll post a photo below of what seems like a distant summer.


The previous post brought me up to date with the CD's bought this year.
Now posts will reflect new purchases.

7th February 2009
Brogue - Rhythm Of The Celts.

Spotted this album in the local HMV. Never heard of them, but bought it on the strength of the cover photo & track listing.
Brogue are a Scottish duo consisting of :
Brigitte Rodrigues & David Scobie both sharing lead vocal
The music is a mix of traditional, rock and world melodies.

Did I like it, yes, and their latest album is now on my wanted list

Brogue Website