Friday, 6 February 2009


This year I'm going to post all the CDs I buy on the blog.
This could get to be quite a large project.

3rd January 2009

The Eagles - The Complete Greatest Hits.

All the Eagles best tracks from the entire back catalogue.
Includes tracks from the last studio album, Long Road Out Of Eden.
Overall a great album, even better as its a double.

3rd January 2009

The second album of a 2 for £10 from HMV.

Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life

Heard a couple of tracks "Mr Rock & Roll" & "This Is The Life" on the radio and quite liked them.
Thought I'd risk it for a fiver.
Some tracks not to my taste, but I do like her voice.

2nd February 2009

A self titled album by a group called the "Fleet Foxes"

I'd not heard of them, until I bumped into a friend in HMV buying a copy.
We both have a similar taste in music, so I looked them up on youtube.
Liked what I heard so the following week, picked a copy up myself.

Not bad for a fiver. (I don't just buy £5 cd's :) )

Oh and the cover photograph, there is a very similar painting in the waiting room at my dentist

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ruthie-baby said...

someone played them to me on youtube as well, they sound good!