Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cold November Afternoon

Twas a fine foggy day in septober,
The rain was bucketing down.
So I picked up some buckets,
And flogged em outright,
To the council for half-a-crown.

Been a cold , raw foggy day today. Temperature is only just now above freezing (0.1 degree C) and its still foggy outside.
Think its going to be a cold night tonight.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday Night Again

I sit here ,writing this blog on a cold (1.7 degrees C outside) and foggy Friday Night.
Expect the temperature will have dropped to almost freezing by the time I venture out to the pub for a few real ales. Still its nice and warm in the shack at the moment.
Currently listening to the new album by Dido, only took a week to get round to playing it. I like it, certainly going to be one of my favourite albums of the year.
Check back at the end of December or early January 2009 for my top 10 albums added to the collection this year.

Though had other albums longer that I've not got round to playing yet as well.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

MKARS-80 Transceiver Project

The soldering Iron was warmed up this morning.
Bag 1 of components opened and tipped into a tray, and then the deed was done, the first compenent soldered to the board.

4 hours and another 97 components later, the first bag is completed.

Winter Is Here (At Least For Today)

Woke up to a dusting of snow and ice. Supposed to turn mild and wet as the day goes on.
Temperature dropped to -1.4 °C during the night (1:52am). Its now just creeping above freezing.