Sunday, 8 March 2009

PIC Programming

Been trying a bit more on the PIC development board over the weekend.
Currently still using the free version of Flowcode, though it has serious limitations of the program size and what E-Block modules it can compile to.

Keep thinking about upgrading to the full version, though version 4 is due soon, will wait to see what it brings.
The upgrade 3 to 4 is not going to be free so no point jumping in at the moment.

This is my development board. It can be used with the extra hardware modules called E-Blocks.

See the Matrix Multimedia Website for more information. Also on my website.
They are based in Halifax, thats the one in West Yorkshire not Nova Scotia.


The snow is now setting quite quickly

Snowing (Again)

After a nice Saturday, and a reasonable Sunday moring the rain started around midday.
By 2 pm it was sleeting/snowing/hailing.
Dont think its going to settle to much at the moment, but could still do without it.
Roll on the summer - I've had enough of the cold