Thursday, 7 May 2009

PIC Programming

Had another interesting session with my pic board.
Started to get to grips with the way the AD converter works. Used an input from the LDR
(Had to be programmed to reverse the value too) to show on the LCD Display and also to turn on a set of 1 to 4 relays, and show the number of the relay on the LCD.

Oh yes, it also shows the AD value in binary on 8 leds
The darker it gets the more relays go on. ( This means the value on the display gets lower, though the actual output from the AD gets bigger.)

Anyway it works as I wanted it too, in as much as I'm a bit limited to 16 icons with the light version of flowcode.
( I need 17 to put up another message on the display. No way round it untill I get the full version.)

Port A = LDR A-D on Bit 0
Port B = LCD Display
Port C = 8 Bit LED E-Block
Port D = 4 Relay E-Block

Now if I could just get my head round interupts. Roll on Flowcode 4 :)

The PIC is a 16F877A using the crystal clock on the development board.

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