Saturday, 11 April 2009

Simple PIC Voltmeter

PICs can have an input line configured as an A-D converter. The input voltage is 0 to 5. By using a pair of resistors a potential divider can be set up. By having several of these connecting by means of a switch to the input and a bit of flowcodesoftware, a simple multi-range DC voltmeter can be constructed.

Set up the development board to test the programming using the on board pot and the push switches on port c to change range. It works as expected. Will try and build it on the breadboard next ad test it in a real world application.

Not worth actually going any further, not when a basic (el-cheapo) multimeter can be bought for about £5.
Just enjoy playing with the software.
I'm realy chomping at the bit now to get hold of the full version of flowcode, come on you guys in Halifax, release V4 and relieve me of some cash :)

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