Friday, 24 April 2009

Brigg Fiddle Fest 2009

The tickets have arrived for this years fiddle festival. :) :)

(Its really a folk festival- except all the performers/groups have to feature a fiddle for a main part of the performance.)

They get some amazing performers on at this festival, even more so considering the venue only holds about 300 people.

There also a nice pub next door to the venue, does good food and real ales

Previous years have had Fairport Convention, Danu, Kathrine Tickell, Session A9,
Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers, Nancy Kerr & James Fagin.

This year is Uiscedwr, Lunasa & Solas to name but three.
Not seen any of this years acts live, though Uiscedwr has Karen Tweed as part of the line up, whom I have seen play with Kathrine Tickell.

For those who's geography is not up to scratch Brigg is a small market town in North Lincolnshire, near Scunthorpe.

(Scunthorpe is home to the incredible guitar legend Martin Simpson, as well as Iain - Southern Comfort - Matthews)

Fiddle Festival Home Page

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