Friday, 9 January 2009

Weekend & Digital Photography

After a long and very cold first week back at work after the loooong Christmas holiday, it's the weekend again. :). I'm well ready for it. Been a busy week.
Not had chance to do anything much with my new camera either. If the weather is anything like even half decent tomorrow will try to get a few outside shots to test it. I'll have to do somemore of the pub and compare them with the old camera as well.
Will give the battery another charge tonight, don't want it running out tomorrow.
I think I'll have to invest in a spare battery and a second memory card before doing anything serious. The 2gb one will hold 500+ pictures
Thought about a 4gb or maybe even an 8gb, however 2000 pictures on one card is a lot to loose if the card dies or you have finger trouble and delete them. Will proberby go for a couple more 2gb.
I do find with digital I shoot a lot of things I would'nt take on the film camera's. At least you can just delete them either in the camera or once downloaded to the PC.

Its currently foggy outside, and the temperature is -0.6 degrees centigrade and falling quickly.

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