Thursday, 29 January 2009

Demise Of The (Decent) Record Shop

WH Smith has just announced it is closing the CD/DVD department in my local branch. Ok it was only a small choice, but it did add a bit more choice.
25+ years ago a small independant record shop opened in town. (Record Village) Not only did they sell a big range of music, they also hired videos. During the 80's they had 3 branchs in the area.
Not only them, I remember Smiths, Boots, Woolworth all sold records. As did Comet and a local electrical dealer, Vallences. All gone now :(
They may not have had massive shelves of music, but we had much more to look at then.
(Im talking about shops selling LP's and Cassettes. (I even remember 8-track tapes as well)
Now since Record Village closed, (mainly due to the high rents in the town) all we have is a tiny branch of HMV.
No wonder on line sales are going up.

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