Friday, 5 December 2008

Poorly Hi Fi

Why O' Why does my Hi Fi system decide it wont play CDs just before every Christmas.
I know exactly what the trouble is, the laser needs a clean with my can of compressed air.
(It wont run the cleaning disk)
Good job I'm confident taking the covers off to look at it as we dont have anywhere in town that would do a repair for a reasonable price anymore. Plus it does it on a regular basis, think its because the 3 x cd changer drawers dont have a good dust seal. Somthing to look at when I decide to change it.

Its now raining, Just got back from town.
Actually, just got back from the pub. Had a couple of pints of Acorn Yorkshire Pride. (Very Nice.)
Brewery Website

Temperature outside is 5.0 degrees Centigrade. Still got 2 days left on the weekend.

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